Lua GameENGine written in C. Uses Chipmunk2D, SDL2, SDL2_mixer


Rihla is a puzzle game created for the Arabic Game Jam 2013. It's about a travelling merchant in a steampunk future, whose mission is to travel the stars and set up trade deals.
The goal of the game is to create constellations from the different planets by fulfilling their needs and wishes.

I worked together with

Trenchcoat Robots

Trenchcoat Robots is an assignment for my Programming course. For this project I worked with two other dedicated programmers, Timmie Pettersson and Simon Hjort. We wrote the game in C# with the Microsoft XNA framework.

Cheese 3D

Cheese 3D is a model-viewer intended to be used in parallel with photoshop (or other image editing software) when creating textures for 3D models. The application is written in C++ using the GLFW and GLEW libraries.